We have vast experience in the electric and the natural gas industries. Our clients obtain the solutions they need thanks to our strategic vision, analytical skills, and knowledge of the technical and economic aspects of the applicable regulations.

Our team has experience advising clients in:

  • Design and implementation of generation and electric transmission projects, including renewable energy projects.
  • Negotiation, preparation and performance of power purchase agreements.
  • Interpretation and performance of natural gas supply, transport and distribution service agreements.
  • Structuring private bids for transmission line construction projects and transmission services contracts, as well as private bids for power purchase agreements.
  • Design and negotiation of interconnection agreements and access to transmission facilities, as well as in obtaining interconnection orders issued by OSINERGMIN.
  • Participation in public bids organized by PROINVERSION and other agencies for public private partnerships for energy projects.
  • Compliance of concession and investment contracts for construction and operation of power plants, transmission lines, transportation systems and natural gas distribution.
  • Legal opinions for national and international disputes.
  • Tariff and regulated charges proceedings.
  • Obtaining permits, authorizations and concessions for electric generation, transmission and distribution services.
  • Application of regulations and Technical Proceedings of COES (independent system operator), including representation of clients in the challenge mechanisms provided in COES bylaws.
  • Administrative sanction proceedings, force majeure proceedings and controversies between participants of the electric industry, before OSINERGMIN.
  • Regulations applicable to the electric market and natural gas supply chain.