Lucía Olavarría Salinas

  (+511) 717 6692 – Anexo 103

  (+51) 997 524 435

  • Administrative Law
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Energy Law
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Construction Law
  • Telecommunications Law
  • Domestic and International Commercial Arbitration
  • Investment Arbitration
  • Partner at Quiñones Alayza Abogados (since February 2020)
  • Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (March 2018 – December 2020)
  • Principal Associate at Estudio Echecopar, a member of Baker Mackenzie (June 2018-December 2019)
  • Advisor to the Ministry of Energy and Mines (November 2017- May 2018)
  • Senior Associate at Miranda & Amado (July 2012-November 2017)
  • Research Fellow at the Interamerican Development Bank (July 2011- June 2012)
  • Foreign Attorney at the Arnold & Porter International Arbitration Group (October 2010- June 2011)
  • Associate at Miranda & Amado (February 2016-August 2009)
  • Member of Arbitral Tribunal appointed by the Court of Arbitration of Amcham in an arbitration concerning a construction contract.
  • Chairman of the Arbitral Tribunal appointed by the co-arbitrators in arbitration under the rules of the CCL Arbitration Centre.
  • Sole Arbitrator appointed by the Higher Arbitration Council of the CCL in four cases.
  • Sole Arbitrator appointed by the Court of Arbitration of Amcham.
  • Representing power companies in negotiations and arbitrations regarding price determination and rights of first refusal under power purchase agreements.
  • Representing a power company in negotiations concerning a backup contract in the electric sector.
  • Representing in arbitrations related to the application of grid´s operator technical procedures.
  • Representing concessionaire in a dispute concerning force majeure and hardship allegations under a gas transportation ship or pay contract.
  • Representing a mining company in an arbitration against a contractor under a Time & Materials Contract.
  • Representing a concessionaire in a negotiation concerning a design contract in the transportation sector.
  • Representing a contractor against a mining company under a turnkey EPC Contract for the construction of a transmission line.
  • Representing a transmission concessionaire against the Ministry of Energy and Mines in a dispute regarding a transmission line concession contract.
  • Advising a construction company in a dispute concerning a consortium contract for a highway project.
  • Advising a generation company in a dispute against a contractor under a turnkey EPC Contract, related to defects in the construction.
  • Advising a mining company in managing additional cost and extensions of time claims by contractor under a lump sum turnkey EPC Contract.
  • Advising a generation company in a additional cost and extensions of time claims by contractor under a lump sum turnkey EPC Contract.
  • Representing in arbitrations concerning shareholders agreements.
  • 2021 “Latam arbitration under scrutiny: a challenge to legitimacy?”. 19th ICC Miami Conference.
  • 2021 “Juridical effects of public contracts renegotiation”. Conference “The future of investment in Peru”. Forseti Law Review. Universidad del Pacífico.
  • 2021 Moderator of the panel “A walk through recent landmark arbitration cases in Latin America (“Kompetenz-kompetenz principle under attack: the anti-arbitration injunctions in Latin America.”)”. 8th ICC Global YAF Conference.
  • 2021 “Comments on the requirement of a bank and/or equity bond in favour of the Entity as counter-guarantee, in relation to Legislative Decree No. 20-2020”. Conference “Controversial aspects in public works arbitration”. Foro Académico. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
  • 2020 “What is the regulation of the intervention of regulatory agencies in arbitration? ¿Does it violate any arbitration principle/logic?”. Arbitration Congress: Perspectives and Reflections. Forseti Law Review. Universidad del Pacífico.
  • 2020 “Practical issues of commercial and investment arbitration”. Centro de Estudios de Derecho, Economía y Política, CEDEP and International Chamber of Commerce – ICC Paraguay.
  • 2020 “Arbitration awards motivation standard ¿Is the same standard applicable to an arbitral award in a commercial arbitration and a public procurement arbitration?”. IX Regional Arbitration Congress.
  • 2020 “Evidence in arbitration: Production, performance and assessment”. IPA Webinar, 8th Edition. Instituto Peruano de Arbitraje.
  • 2020 “A Step Forward Toward Diversity |A directory of women arbitrators”. Arbitral Women.
  • 2020 “Pandemic and the present and future of arbitration in Latin America”. Centro de Arbitraje de la Cámara de Comercio de Medellín.
  • 2020 “¿Should confidentiality be a default rule in arbitration?” In “Dialogue with arbitration centres”. Club Español del Arbitraje, Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad del Pacífico and Bullard Falla Ezcurra +.
  • 2021 Olavarría, L. y Di Vecchia, B. YAF Session: Who wants to be an arbitrator? An interview with Yves Derains. ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin, 2021, Issue 1. Read Here
  • 2021 Olavarría, L. y Ferreyros, P. The regulatory agency intervention in public-private partnerships arbitration. Prometheo – CDA. May 12. Read Here
  • 2020 Olavarría, L. Protection of legitimate expectations in the face of regulatory change in investment arbitrations against the Kingdom of Spain. Prometheo – CDA. May 9. Read Here
  • 2020 Olavarría, L. “Arbitration: A step forward and many backwards”. Enfoque Derecho. January 20. Read Here
  • Lima Bar Association
  • Themis – Law Review
  • Harvard Club of Peru
  • Arbitrator registered at the Arbitration Centres of the CCL, PUCP and Amcham
  • ICC Advanced International Arbitration Academy 2016-2018
  • ICC YAF Representative for Latin America 2019-2021
  • Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge, member of the Global Steering Committee.


  • Harvard Law School: LL.M. (2010)
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú: Bachelor in Law (2005) – Lawyer (2006)
  • ESAN University: Diploma in Regulation Finances (2008)


  • English
  • Spanish

“The area of law that thrills me is the intersection between advising an on-going project in regulatory matters and preventing and solving disputes.”



During my career I have focused on advising ongoing projects in regulatory matters and representing clients in complex arbitrations. At the beginning of my career I specialized in telecommunications regulations, energy, administrative law and antitrust. Since 2012 I´ve worked representing clients in commercial and investment arbitrations. The area of law that thrills me is the combination of regulatory advice for an on-going project and preventing and solving disputes.

Throughout my professional experience, I´ve had the opportunity to accompany different clients in their negotiations of construction contracts and in construction disputes related to large power plants, transmission lines and mining projects. To experience a project´s construction phase, understanding the concerns of the project managers and the financing aspects of the projects, has given me the ability to provide legal advice that is connected to the business side.

My experience working for the government, as advisor to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, was like obtaining a second master degree. I learned to live administrative law from within, experiencing the challenges and acknowledging the political implications of administrative decision making.

I join QA Legal because the firm provides its clients a strategic, transversal and specialized vision. We are a firm where lawyers can develop and grow in different areas with no constraints. QA Legal promotes the development of its team, valuing diversity, the acquisition of a variety of skills, gives opportunities for flexible work and allows its lawyers to find their own balance between work and personal life. These are the values that I deeply value in this institution and that motivated me to join the team.